Welcome to Skive Gymnasium

At Skive Gymnasium & HF we have two core values: namely the student and the teaching.

Skive Gymnasium & HF has in the past 5 years been through radical changes. It has been a positive and interesting period challenging all of us to new approaches and new ways of considering our school.

The school reforms in 2005 have changed not just the teaching but also school life and the way we have been used to go about our everyday life. It is our goal that the students will see teaching and professionalism as the most important issue at our school; the students must learn something and become proficient in each of the subjects they are taught. This is nothing new: the perspective of education – that the students go through a development from teenagers to grownups with a personal authority – is nothing new.

The new is that the focus of the reforms is that the students have to feel the interconnection between the subjects to see the world we live in a greater perspective. The students should be able to navigate internationally when they graduate, they must be proficient users of new technology, they must be able to work independently as well as in interdisciplinary projects. This requires sizeable demands from the teaching and the teachers – to prepare our students for a new future. Skive Gymnasium & HF takes up the challenge, and we take it seriously.

The social environment of the school is good – and all surveys show contentment with the school. The students are satisfied with their friends and with their teachers. This is not evident. Skive Gymnasium and HF is very focused on improving the social environment, and taking the well-being of the students seriously is an important premise for a good learning environment.

An important part of the school’s profile is our international perspective. The school has a considerable network of international contacts, visiting our school or being visited by our students all year round. The students stay with one another promoting friendship, tolerance and shared knowledge. The physical meeting between the students and between cultures is something we view as very basic and completely essential in our current world: we are preparing our students for a global future – moreover, it’s fun to make friendships across borders.

Skive Gymnasium and HF is a dynamic school where education is always adjusted and up to date so that it matches the current trends and demands of the challenges posed by a current society. Our focus is professionalism, quality, and general formation of the students.

Welcome to Skive Gymnasium & HF.

Lars Erik Nielsen
Head of School


About Skive Gymnasium

Skive Gymnasium & HF is the equivalent of the American high school or the British Sixth Form College (1.st to 3rd upper secondary grades- approx. ages 15/16 to 18/19). Many of the students will after the graduation attend a 4- year or longer University program. Half of the students live in rural areas and commute to school by bus, train or bike. We have app. 1000 students and 100 teachers.

Challenged by the provincialism that our students are brought up with in Skive and in such a small country like Denmark, it is of extreme importance that we integrate the international English/American - speaking dimension in the daily life of our Danish students, as English/American is essential for all our students, as Danish is only spoken by 5 mio, people in Denmark. Further we want our students to get to know another culture as they as guests will visit family, historical and cultural sites in NC, this way also discovering their own culture here in Denmark.

International activity also stimulates our students’ European identity and strengthen their international competences. Whenever they ‘dig’ into a foreign culture, they improve spoken and written language competences. Cross-cultural teaching concerning different didactics and methodology motivate students and teachers before their final high school leaving exam.

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